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The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap.622): Commentary & Annotations, 2016 Edition


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The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap.622): Commentary & Annotations
Sep 2016
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Volume: 2 Volumes Set

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This 2016 Edition Companies Ordinance: Commentary & Annotations examines and analyses the law’s effect on Hong Kong during the two years since its implementation, highlighting those new changes that have since been applied to all Hong Kong and overseas companies.
All cases and legal precedents raised over the last 2 years, to corporate governance, compliance and structure. Extensive updates and revisions include:
Part 4: Share Capital. Concepts on share capital, including its creation, transfer and alteration and the mandatory no-par regime’s effectiveness is examined.
Part 7: Debentures. The impact of recent precedents on debentures and new requirements for registration of the allotment of debentures and filing of a return of allotment to align with similar requirements for shares is re-examined.
Part 8: Registration of Charges. Examination of the registration of charges by both Hong Kong and registered non-Hong Kong companies – including types of charges requiring registration, procedures and the consequences of non-compliance.
Part 9: Accounts and Audits. The effects of sections 359, 361, and 364 of the Ordinance, facilitating small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) to create more business opportunities.
Part 10: Director and Companies Secretaries. Clarifying the new standard of the director’s and company’s duty of care, skill and diligence – guiding directors on their duties.
Part 14: Remedies for Protection of Companies’ or Members’ Interests. Furthering shareholder protection, with more effective rules to deal with directors’ conflicts of interests and requiring disinterested shareholders’ approval in the case where shareholder approval is required for transactions of public companies and their subsidiaries.
The Companies Ordinance (Cap.622) continues to be the most important piece of legislation enacted by Hong Kong since the handover in 1997. Cap.622 is one of the largest pieces of legislation enacted by the Legislative Council and no business entity is excluded from the newly enacted provisions of law. 
Every lawyer, practitioner, academic, as well as company secretary, concerned with Company Law in Hong Kong needs a copy of this two-volume set on their desk!
Print Volume 1 Primary Legislation: Companies Ordinance (Cap.622)
1. Introduction and summary of the main primary companies law legislation
2. Tabled Summary of all 21 Parts of the Main Legislation;
3. Full annotations, commentary and summary of all provisions of the main Companies Ordinance (Cap.622)
Print Volume 2 Subsidiary Legislation: Companies Ordinance (Cap.622)
1. Introduction and summary of all the subsidiary companies law legislation
2. Full annotations, commentary and summary of all provisions of the subsidiary Companies Ordinance (Cap.622A - 622L)
ProView e-Book Exclusive Content:
1. Comparative Tables comparing and contrasting the predecessor Companies Ordinance and the (new) Ordinance (Cap.622)
2. Useful standard Companies forms
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