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The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap.622): Commentary & Annotations, 2017 Edition


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The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap.622): Commentary & Annotations
Jun 2017
DUO (Softcover and ProView eBook version included)
Volume: 2

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This new 2017 Edition of the commentary and annotations of the Companies Ordinance (Cap.622) has been revised and re-formatted for an easy-to-read and comprehensive overview of all the changes that occurred to the law over the last 3 years – including the most recent 2017 cases highlighting the now statutory duty of all company directors to exercise reasonable care, duty and diligence when dealing with the company’s everyday business affairs.

Exclusive Features for 2017

Print Volume 1 Primary Legislation: Companies Ordinance (Cap.622)
1. Introduction and summary of the Primary Legislation
2. Tabled summary of all 21 Parts of the Primary Legislation;
3. Simplified and comprehensive annotations, commentary and summary of all provisions of the Primary Legislation (Cap.622)

Print Volume 2 Subsidiary Legislation: Companies Ordinance (Cap.622A-622L)
1. Introduction and summary of all the Subsidiary Legislation
2. Simplified and comprehensive annotations, commentary and summary of all provisions of the Subsidiary Legislation (Cap.622A - 622L)
3. Table of Cases and Table of Legislation

ProView e-Book Exclusive Content:
1. Comparative Tables of the Predecessor and Current Ordinance
2. Glossary of all terms throughout the Ordinance defined (New!)
3. Useful standard Companies forms

The Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) continues to be an integral part of Hong Kong’s corporate and financial schemes. The law has now been fully enacted for the last three years and this 2-Volume Set presents the full and complete Annotations of the Companies Ordinance (Cap.622) on all 921 Sections and 11 Schedules, as well as all 12 Provisions of the Subsidiary Legislation (Cap. 622A - 622L) – incorporating those key changes as well as the new cases and precedent that has been heard and analyzed by the Court since its enactment three years ago.

New General Editor: Kingsley Ong, Partner, Eversheds


Highlight Features:

This 2017 Edition has been completely revised to offer a simple and comprehensive analysis of the Ordinance, including the following NEW Features:
1. Straight-forward and simplified analysis of each and every section of the Ordinance with references to related corresponding statutory provisions
2. Simplified summary and overview of each Part of the Ordinance
3. Glossary of terms defined as applied and referred to in that particular section of the Ordinance
4. Forthcoming amendments to the law (where applicable)
5. Distinctions from the predecessor Ordinance


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