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Mediation Skills and Techniques: A Practical Handbook for Dispute Resolution and Effective Communication, 2012


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Mediation Skills and Techniques:  A Practical Handbook for Dispute Resolution and Effective Communication
Apr 2012

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Mediation is a form of alternate dispute resolution which seeks to facilitate negotiation between parties to generate and explore options to resolve the dispute to the satisfaction of all. As mediation is a process while the art of mediating is very much a skill, this book aims to discuss and illustrate the techniques that can be employed in conducting successful mediations.

Written by an experienced mediator, this book is presented in simple and concise language for easy reading. The content is practical in nature and contains valuable hands-on experience to demonstrate the finer points of mediation.

After introducing the concept of mediation and the nature of a mediation agreement, the book proceeds to cover specific techniques in mediating, including listening effectively, reframing questions, eliciting information, assessing the parties, creating rapport, generating and testing options, assessing body language as well as dealing with aggressive behaviour. It also specifically considers challenging situations such as sexual harassment in the workplace, family disputes and disputes which attract public interest.

This book should prove to be very useful to promote the effective use of mediation as a dispute resolution option.

Readership: Mediators, lawyers, counsellors, general public

Jurisdiction: Malaysia


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