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Sale of Goods Law in Malaysia


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Sale of Goods Law in Malaysia
Aug 2016
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Presenting an in-depth exposition of the various topics under sale of goods law in prose that is clear, concise and readable, this book makes possible a good understanding of an aspect of law that often arises in many commercial transactions.
The authors have drawn on their extensive experience in professional legal practice, teaching law in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia, as well as a track record of academic research and publication to prepare this useful reference on sale of goods law.
Excerpts of leading judgments drawn from several common law jurisdictions are included to supplement the extensive reference to local cases in the context of the Sale of Goods Act 1957 in order to assist the reader to better appreciate the workings of the law in this area, obviating the necessity of looking around for a case book.This approach not only assists the reader to gain a critical appreciation of the underlying legal processes, but also to use the book as a stand-alone text.
Eschewing the "bare bones" notational approach adopted by some texts as well as the detailed technical explanation of legal principles adopted by others, this book presents a comprehensive explanation of the various topics with great clarity, making it a key reference for lawyers, legal advisers, lecturers and students.
  • Clear analysis of the law.
  • Careful selection of judgment extracts of relevant authoritative cases drawn largely from Malaysia and the United Kingdom as well as Hong Kong and Australia to support discussion of law.
  • Provides in-depth exposition of the topics in a clear, concise and readable style.
  • Written by authors with extensive knowledge of business law.
  • Only up-to-date book on sale of goods law in Malaysia


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