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All Malaysia Tax Cases (1937 - 2013) - 8 Volumes


All Malaysia Tax Cases (1937 - 2013) -  8 Volumes
Volume: 8 Volumes

9789832631453, 9789832631460

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The All Malaysian Tax Cases (AMTC) is the first Malaysian tax report that not only reports Malaysian income tax cases, but also highlights contentious tax issues. It is a complete publication covering Malaysian court decisions on income tax from 1937 to date. Arrangement of case names in chronological order, according to a particular subject matter, and alphabetical sequence provide additional keys to access relevant cases.
The AMTC 1937-2013 is a 8-volume hardback contains:
  • Cases reported from 1937-1978
  • Cases reported from 1979-1996
  • Cases reported from 1997-2002
  • Cases reported from 2003-2005
  • Cases reported from 2006-2007
  • Cases reported from 2008-2009
  • Cases reported from 2010-2011
  • Cases reported from 2012-2013
All volumes from 2003 onwards contain cases with full headnotes, as well as cases stated of the Special Commissioners.
The AMTC loose-leaf publication comprises tax cases from 2014 onwards and will be updated annually. Apart from judgments of the Malaysian courts, it also includes cases stated of the Special Commissioners of Income Tax.
The AMTC is a must for tax practitioners, tax analysts, legal counsel, tax officers and financial consultants, as it will help them understand the technical complexities posed by local tax laws. The AMTC is also beneficial to academicians teaching the related subject, and students pursuing their education in accounting and tax, as this is a publication that would be of use to them in conducting research and sourcing out the relevant tax precedents in their field of study.

Readership: Tax practitioners, tax analysts, tax officers, legal counsels, financial consultants, academicians

Jurisdiction: Malaysia


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