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Insolvency Act 1967 with Overview by Aishah Bidin


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Insolvency Act 1967 with Overview by Aishah Bidin
Sep 2018
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“The modern law of bankruptcy… intended to relieve those in financial difficulties from the burden of debt and the possibilities of loss of liberty in a debtors’ prison and to enable them to make a fresh start free from debt … For over a hundred years, the law has required the Bankruptcy Court to consider whether the conduct of the bankrupt has been such that the public ought to be protected against his further operations for a period of time or even permanently”

:Re Stern, ex parte Kayser Ullman & Ors [1982] 1 WLR 860.

Bankruptcy in on the rise and has become a prevalent issue among Malaysians. This has spurred the government to make comprehensive changes to the Bankruptcy Act 1967 and to rename it as the Insolvency Act 1967.
This publication presents the full text of the new Insolvency Act 1967, together with an Expert Overview that is written by an expert of Malaysian company, insolvency and bankruptcy law to provide a quick summary of the workings of the new Act. It serves as a first point of reference to facilitate a good understanding of the new statutory regime regulating individuals and firms, and its related practices in Malaysia.
This publication is an essential source for insolvency practitioners, finance managers, lawyers, bankers, social guarantors, creditors, regulators, government officers, business owners and corporate consultants who need the knowledge on insolvency law as well as academicians and law students.
  • Expert Overview of the Act
  • Full text of the Insolvency Act 1967 presented in clear and readable format
  • Highlights of key changes and differences between new and old Act
  • Explanation on implications of key new provisions
  • Clear page guides to assist the user to locate a specific section or Part of the Act quickly and efficiently


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