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Construction Adjudication in Malaysia, 2nd Edition

A comprehensive analysis of the legal principles governing the application of the Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012, providing in-depth analysis and practical guidance on all stages of the adjudication process in Malaysia.

The Life and Law of Fintech

Financial technology (FinTech) is a marriage of sorts between the financial services and technology sectors. It leverages on technology to innovate the delivery of products and services traditionally offered by financial institutions. Writing on this new area of law and business encompassing domestic and international jurisdictions, the author covers the subject in a unique way combining the legal, business and operational aspects of FinTech through his broad experience as a practising lawyer, and a board member of a bank as well as of a listed technology-based company.

The author takes the reader on a journey through the realm of finance covering both Islamic and conventional banking with an explanation of the history and an analysis of the applicable legislation and also related legislations in Asia, Europe and the United States.

Leaving no stone unturned, ,the author begins with the book on a history lesson of finance and proceeds to where it is today with FinTech making inroads into the financial industry via technology. He then discusses at length on the legal and operational aspects of banking and finance and moves on to capital markets and issues relating to money laundering. Mergers and acquisitions and corporate law are tackled by providing instances of FinTech acquisitions coupled with a lesson on takeovers and due diligence. He then moves on to the technical aspects of digital banking covering several jurisdictions. With his background in Islamic finance, he deals with takaful insurance, Islamic FinTech and E-waqf. He also deals with cyber security covering several pieces of legislation relevant to it. 

The book ends with a chapter on internet of things with a detailed analysis of the legal implicaations of smart contracts and solutions moving forward.

The Trial Lawyer's Companion, 2nd Edition

“[This book] comprehensively covers in detail and authoritatively deals, in a thoughtfully arranged way, with everything a trial lawyer and judge needs to know and be reminded or watchful of, to successfully conduct and shepherd a trial to its proper conclusion without pitfalls.” 
From the Foreword by Lambert Rasa-Ratnam 
Head, Dispute Resolution
Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill

Written by an experienced counsel, this book contains a wealth of essential guidance on the preparation for and the conduct of a trial. The text is clear and succinct, amply supported by relevant case law, both local and foreign, as well as statutory sources in particular the Rules of Court 2012 and the Evidence Act 1950. Organised in a systematic structure, the book covers trial preparation, the various aspects of trial proper, submissions, judgment and the ethics of trial advocacy.

The carefully written text, a result of thorough consideration of the subject and meticulous research, is immensely useful in preparing for trial, providing clear guidance and analytical insights. The rich array of authorities and sources cited gives pointers for further research to ensure that counsel is painstakingly armed for trial.

A well-crafted system of headings, supplemented by helpful cross-references, enables the trial lawyer to easily refer to the book for the correct law, confirmation on a finer point of practice, practical direction and relevant authorities int he midst of the cut and thrust of  trial. For the judge, the book may be confidently consulted when presiding over the trial.

Be it for young lawyer, the seasoned counsel, or the busy judge, The Trial Lawyer's Companion is indeed a book to have readily on hand.


  • Updates case authorities since 2005 up to 30 June 2017
  • Addresses the impact of the Rules of Court 2012
  • Considers and clarifies developments and changes to the law in respect of discovery, admissibility of documents in trial bundles, privilege, expert evidence, and computer documents.


  • Contains a wealth of practical guidance on trial practice
  • Fully up-to-date with relevant statutory provisions
  • Replete with invaluable leading case authorities
  • Illuminates the difficult areas of trial practice
Malaysian Civil Procedure 2018

“ indispensable reference for both judges and lawyers...should always be welcomed as the essential resource for the practice of civil procedure in the courts of Malaysia.”
  Tun Arifin Zakaria, Former Chief Justice
"It is part of the duty of counsel when assisting a court to arrive at its decision on a procedural point to refer to a commentary on a given rule of court that is recent and accurate. This work is designed to provide the necessary source of information in that direction."
Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram, General Editor 
Drawing on the pedigree of the White Book which has seen numerous successful local editions in various common law jurisdictions, Malaysian Civil Procedure 2018 provides you with the most current knowledge, information, practical insights and confidence to succeed in all areas of civil court work. 
The authoritative commentary to the Rules of Court 2012 is accompanied by a substantially enhanced second volume containing illuminating annotations to fully up-to-date text of ten key legislation essential to civil litigation. Together  with the updated collection of court practice directions, this makes Malaysian Civil Procedure 2018 the most comprehensive civil litigation reference.

  • Exacting quality and accuracy in true White Book tradition
  • Insightful order-by-order commentary to the Rules of Court 2012 presented clearly with succinct headings
  • Fully up-to-date text of 10 key civil legislation, with annotations:
  1. Rules of the Federal Court 1995
  2. Rules of the Court of Appeal 1994
  3. Courts of Judicature Act 1964
  4. Subordinate Courts Act 1948
  5. Civil Law Act 1956
  6. Limitation Act 1953
  7. Limitation Ordinance (Sabah Cap 72)
  8. Limitation Ordinance (Sarawak Cap 49)
  9. Specific Reliefs Act 1950
  10. Debtors Act 1957
  • Comprehensive survey of key local and relevant foreign case law
  • Contributors drawn from the judiciary, leading law firms and academia to provide authoritative commentary
  • Reviewed by experienced panel of expert reviewers to ensure high quality of substantive content
  • Extensive collection of court practice directions dating back to 1947 to current, including practice directions from Sabah and Sarawak
  • Comprehensive tables of cases and legislation and subject index for greater ease of use
The Annotated Malaysian Companies Act 2016

"The Annotated Malaysian Companies Act 2016 should therefore be welcomed. Surely regular reference to this work should minimise the burden of legal research and ensure confident application of the law. For those active in the corporate world it would be foolhardy to ignore this work." 

From the Foreword by Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Richard Malanjum, Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak.

The Annotated Malaysian Companies Act 2016 provides invaluable section-by-section annotations to the Companies Act 2016, throwing light on the application and interpretation of the provisions of the Act. It is written by a select team of experienced practitioners and academicians with extensive knowledge of company and corporate law in Malaysia. The full text of the Act accompanies the high-quality annotations which are insightful, practical and authoritative, enabling a confident understanding of the workings of the Act.

The key terms and phrases in each section are explained by refrence to local and foreign case law as well as academic writing. This publication facilitates quick and easy research with the inclusion of cross-reference from the provision being annotated to related provisions which work together with it, and should prove to be very useful for corporate lawyers, in-house counsel, company directors, company secretaries, investment advisers and students of company law.


  • Section-by-section commentary to the Act written in simple and straightforward style
  • Commentary supported by copious citation of case authorities
  • Highlights of some key differences between new and old law
  • All defined terms are identified with direct cross-references to the provision where each definition is found
  • Clear page guides to assist the user to locate a specific section or Part of the Act quickly and efficiently
  • Supplemented by detailed index for easy access to the annotations
Management Corporations in Malaysia, 2nd Edition

Management corporations have statutory duties and powers under Malaysia strata laws. Owners, on their part, must be engaged to ensure that their investment, lifestyle and financial well-being are protected and enhanced when living in strata developments. This book gives owners the tools to do that. It expresses in as plain a language as possible the meaning of the key provisions of the Strata Management Act 2013 as well as the Regulations and By-Laws made under it.

Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2017 with Overview by Mohammad Rizal Salim

This publication presents the full text of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2017 as issued by the Securities Commission Malaysia, together with an Expert Overview to facilitate an early mastery of the new Code. 
Public International Law Simplified

Globalisation is a key agenda in the world today and dealings between and among states, international organisations, non-governmental organisations and transnational corporations multiply by the day. The conduct of the various subjects of the international society in their mutual intercourse is regulated by public international law.

The Employment Act 1955: An Annotation

A simple guide for employers and employees.

The Employment Act 1955 is the foremost labour legislation, often referred to by both employers and employees to verify their rights and obligations where labour issues are concerned. Whilst much has been written on our labour laws in general, S Chandrarajan The Employment Act 1955: An Annotations, is a rarity. Written in a simple and straightforward style, readers will benefit from the thoughts distilled from the author''s vast experience in administering the Act whilst in the civil service.

Essential Company Law in Malaysia: Navigating the Companies Act 2016

Provides a quick mastery of the new Malaysian company law regime.

Presenting the law in a clear and concise style, this book facilitates a quick understanding of the new Malaysian company law system. Regular reference is made to the provisions of the Companies Act 2016 to enable the reader to appreciate the statutory scheme regulating corporations in Malaysia. 
Justice Above All - Selected Judgments of Tun Arifin bin Zakaria with Commentaries, Revised Edition

Justice Above All contains a selection of the judgments of Malaysia’s thirteenth Chief Justice, Tun Arifin bin Zakaria, carefully chosen from the many judgments delivered by the distinguished jurist over a wide range of subjects. 

Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Malaysian Precedents of Pleadings

Essential guide to the drafting of pleadings and related court documents.

Recognising that the practice of pleadings lies at the heart of civil procedural law, this home-grown publication presents a comprehensive compendium of precedents and related documents. It offers authoritative and structured precedents for the drafting of pleadings and other court documents. Each topic is preceded with a commentary which gives a succinct account of the applicable principles of law and, where relevant, specifi c guidelines on pleading.

The clear understanding of the applicable law afforded by the commentaries greatly enhances the drafting exercise based on the multitude of precedents available in the publication.

The Law of Costs in Civil Proceedings, 2nd Edition

The determination of costs is an important matter for both the lawyer and the client. The Law of Costs in Civil Proceedings is the only book in Malaysia to comprehensively consider this subject in detail. Regular references to relevant statutory provisions and copious citations of cases from various jurisdictions, including Malaysia, England, Singapore and Australia. The wealth of information available will undoubtedly make this book one not to be missed. 
General Principles of Contract Law, 2nd Edition

This book serves as a general text covering all aspects of Contract Law, from formation, performance and breach to remedies. Presented in a style that is simple and easily understood, it is particularly useful for a quick grasp of the important principles of Malaysian Contract Law, including the reception of English Law. Detailed treatment is also given to the remedies of specific performance and injunctions. 

Housing Development Law

This book serves as a standard text for conveyancing lawyers and others involved in the housing industry. It analyses the laws concerning the housing industry, focusing on significant issues affecting the business of housing development such as the standard form sale and purchase agreement, housing loans, delivery of vacant possession, defect liability period, sale of housing accommodations to foreign purchasers, the meaning of “housing development”, the licensing of housing development business and the opening and proper operation of housing development accounts.

Arbitration in Malaysia: A Practical Guide

Arbitration in Malaysia: A Practical Guide is a comprehensive practitioners’ guide written by the who’s who of the Malaysian arbitration scene. The law governing arbitration is now one of the fastest growing areas of law in this country. With its flexible and efficient mechanism for resolving disputes between parties from different legal and cultural backgrounds, arbitration has become the preferred mode of dispute resolution.

Civil Remedies, 2nd Edition

Civil Remedies, 2nd Edition provides a comprehensive exposition of the law on remedies applicable in contractual and commercial litigation in Malaysia. After almost 10 years, the book has updated significantly. In this second edition, the detailed exposition of the Malaysian position is greatly enhanced by a comparative analysis of English and Australian law.
Sale of Goods Law in Malaysia

Arming you with expert guidance on the intricacies of sale of goods law.

The Criminal Procedure Code: A Commentary

Provides detailed and insightful commentary on the Criminal Procedure Code
This book makes available clear and detailed section-by-section commentary on the Criminal Procedure Code. The principles of law developed through cases over the years are carefully distilled and summarised for the easy guidance of users. The provisions of the Code are fully up-to-date and cross-references guide users through the intricacies of the working of the Code.
Companies Act 2016 with Overview by Cheah Foo Seong

The Companies Act 2016 brings about the biggest overhaul of the company law regime governing companies in Malaysia since the old Companies Act was enacted in 1965. It necessitates the relearning of the Act by all those who work with corporate law.

Constitutional Federalism in Malaysia, 2nd Edition

This book covers constitutional history and discusses the Federal system of Government under the Constitution, involving, inter alia, the distribution of Legislative and Executive powers, the rights and responsibilities of the Federal and the State Governments, the sharing of revenues, financial burdens and functions between the Federal Government and the States, the special protection for Sabah & Sarawak, and amendments to the Federal Constitution, particularly those amendments which could affect the rights and interests of the States.

Civil and Criminal Appeals in Malaysia, 3rd Edition

Instructive guide for all litigators conducting appeals.

Written by an experienced court lawyer, Civil and Criminal Appeals in Malaysia (3Ed) provides an extensive and detailed exposition of the law governing the conduct of appeals in civil and criminal matters. It discusses all practical issues faced by the litigator in conducting an appeal. The procedural requirements are analysed at length to expose the multitude of technicalities inherent in appellate practice.

Islamic Family Law in Malaysia

Invaluable new and up-to-date resource on Islamic Family Law  in Malaysia.

This is a complete and up-to-date textbook on Islamic family law in Malaysia. The topics are carefully surveyed and the discussion is adequately supported by legal sources and religious authorities. The views and practices of the different  schools of thought are considered to ensure a comprehensive treatment of the issues that arise. The book also analyses legal reform and explains the principles of Islamic family law as they are applied in the legislation of the various states in Malaysia.

Competition Law in Malaysia

Competition Law is the new area of law which is in its infancy in Malaysia. This book provides a useful analysis and explanation of the regulatory scheme, discussing the various powers and functions of the competition regulator as well as the enforcement and procedural aspects of Malaysian competition law. Attention is also given to the implementation of competition regulations in certain specific sectors.

Istilah Undang-undang, 6th Edition

In this new edition of Istilah Undang-undang, more than 2,500 new terms or phrases in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Arabic have been added, making this book and essential tool for legal practitioners, judges, academicians, students and court offficials alike. The translation of legal terms from English to Bahasa Malaysia and vice versa, and the understanding of Arabic terms especially those used in the field of Islamic banking and finance, family law and criminal procedure become more convenient and easier with this tool.

Criminal Litigation Process (3rd Edition)

Written by and experienced criminal law practitioner, this book contains a wealth of knowledge that sheds light on the technicalities of the criminal litigation process in Malaysia. The text is presented in a lucid and readable manner and contains significant recent court decisions and new legislative developments.

Patent Law in Malaysia - Cases and Commentary (2nd Edition)

This book provides a full and authoritative analysis of cases, both local and international, on issues concerning patents, as well as a thorough review of important recent developments in the field of patent law.

Law and Practice of Islamic Banking and Finance (3rd Edition)

Law and Practice of Islamic Banking and Finance (3rd Edition) provides a detailed analysis of Islamic financial products, Islamic trade finance and the practical applications of Islamic banking and finance in Malaysia.

100 Ways to Save Tax in Malaysia for Individuals

100 Ways to Save Tax in Malaysia for Individuals has been crafted to help ordinary Malaysians who want to understand more about income tax and the tax-saving ideas that they can use to reduce their tax burden, whilst keeping within the law. The book will show you how to plan your tax affairs and to strategise to make the most of the deductions, reliefs, rebates and tax exemptions that are available to you as an individual.

100 Ways to Save Tax in Malaysia for Property Investors, 4th

100 Ways to Save Tax in Malaysia for Property Investors is a comprehensive guide to the tax implications of property investment and property ownership. As a work that collects together in one source all of the tax issues relevant to property investment and ownership, it is an invaluable tool to help investors in their vital decision-making processes.

Law of Evidence In Malaysia

Law of Evidence in Malaysia is written by a team of experienced teachers of evidence law and serves as a valuable resource for a good appreciation of the fundamental elements of evidence law in Malaysia. It is a useful reference for undergraduates, law academics, candidates undertaking the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) as well as practitioners who have just started out in legal practice.

Undang-Undang Pendidikan di Malaysia

Undang-Undang Pendidikan di Malaysia mempertimbangkan topik-topik seperti kewajipan berjaga-jaga dan kecuaian, penyeliaan dalam kelas dan semasa kegiatan luar kelas, hak undang-undang pelajar, disiplin murid-murid, hukuman korporal, pelesapan dana sekolah, pengurusan harta amanah di sekolah, kewajipan kontrak sekolah dan juga murid-murid, penilaian ganti rugi dan status guru-guru di sisi undang-undang.

A Practical Guide for Company Directors in Malaysia

Covers a comprehensive range of topics for company directors or anyone aspiring to become a director of a company, whether listed or non-listed.

Casebook on Contempt of Court in Malaysia

This casebook and its companion textbook are the first and only books available in Malaysia that contain a comprehensive review of all local contempt cases to draw out the legal principles governing the law of contempt across non-Syariah and Syariah courts in Malaysia. The textbook includes additionally a comprehensive review of all legislation containing contempt-related provisions in Malaysia.

Contempt of Court in Malaysia

This textbook and its companion casebook are the first and only books available in Malaysia that contain a comprehensive review of all local contempt cases to draw out the legal principles governing the law of contempt across non-Syariah and Syariah courts in Malaysia. The textbook includes additionally a comprehensive review of all legislation containing contempt-related provisions in Malaysia.

Sentencing Practice in Malaysia 2nd Edition

This is a reference book that provides extensive and detailed exposition of the law governing sentencing, covering the principles of sentencing and the application of those principles.

Jurisdiction of Courts in Malaysia 2nd Edition

This is an introductory guide to understanding the powers and jurisdiction of courts in Malaysia. It helps practitioners provide better assessment and advice to their clients so the best course of action can be taken even as developments which could affect the courts and judiciary keep expanding and constantly evolving.

Borneo Law Reports - Full Sets Volumes 1 - 7, 2013

The proper conduct of cases through the court system requires the support of good sets of law reports and journals. The law reports are the repository of the body of case law that form...

Q & A on Personal Taxation in Malaysia: Tax Made Easy Through Everyday Conversations

Richard Thornton, in his latest title, Q & A on Personal Taxation in Malaysia: Tax Made Easy Through Everyday Conversations, will answer just that.

GST Handbook for Legal Practice

The goods and services tax or GST comes into effect on 1 April 2015. The GST Handbook for Legal Practice is a practical guide written exclusively for legal practitioners to ensure that they are adequately prepared for the implementation of GST. It will unlock the intricacies of the Malaysian GST model, clearly explaining its mechanism, underlying concepts, key terminologies and its practical application in the legal sector.

Law for Business

The realm of business and commerce is regulated by a system of laws. Those engaged or aspiring to engage in business must have a clear understanding of how the law affects business, trade and commerce.

Islamic Life Insurance

The book presents an alternative Shariah-compliant life insurance scheme. It takes a comparative look at the elements involved in both the conventional system and the proposed scheme, and suggests a proper model which is both competitive...

Equity & Trusts in Malaysia, Second Edition

This leading local text on the law of trusts is an invaluable resource on the law of equity and trusts in Malaysia. It provides clear understanding of trusts, trusteeship and remedies. It explains the general principles of the current law and where appropriate makes critical analysis of the position of the law.

Personal Injury Reports Consolidated Tables 2007 - 2012

Since its inception in July 2007, in excess of 800 cases have been reported in the Personal Injury Reports (PIR). The cases reported cover a range of awards made in personal injury claims by the Sessions Courts as well as by the High Court and the Court of Appeal...

The Constitutional Rights of Sabah and Sarawak

In celebrating the 50th anniversary of the formation of Malaysia, this book provides a timely and useful study of the constitutional rights of Sabah and Sarawak. It traces the early European interest in South East Asia, the influence of the Sulu and Brunei Sultanates over the Borneo lsland and the various treaties between...

Media and Entertainment: A Practical Legal, Business and Strategy Guide

The media and entertainment landscape is changing against the backdrop of technology and service convergence. Media-driven convergence in the realms of film, TV, radio, theatre, print media and social networking have created new business opportunities...

Q & A on GST in Malaysia

In readiness for the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Malaysia from April 1, 2015, Q & A on GST in Malaysia has been designed and produced so as to present in an organised manner questions and answers on various aspects of this groundbreaking new tax. Readers of the companion book Q & A on Personal Taxation in Malaysia will be familiar with the characters involved in this dialogue on GST and the way that their everyday conversations are used to present information on various tax topics.

Constitutional Law and Human Rights in Malaysia

The constitution of a country is the embodiment of the nation’s philosophy and history, amalgamating the agreed basic principles governing relationships between individuals, the society and the government. Since independence...

Malaysian Real Property Gains Tax Handbook, 2014 Revision

This book is a practical guide that succinctly summarizes the law and principles underlying the imposition of real property gains tax. It helps readers to understand the situations under which the tax is chargeable, the exemptions that are available, and how the tax is to be computed

The Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976

The Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 is often considered to be the backbone of family law for non-Muslims in Malaysia. It was enacted to bring about a uniform law applicable to non-Muslim marriages. In the face of the customs of the different races living in Malaysia, the drafting and the implementation of the new legal regime have not been straightforward. Nevertheless a good appreciation of the Act is essential for a proper knowledge of non-Muslim family law in Malaysia.