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Companies Act 2016 with Overview (2019 Edition) (COMING SOON!)

This publication presents the full text of the Companies Act 2016, together with an updated Expert Overview and relevant subsidiary legislation to facilitate a more practical approach of the 2016 Act.

Construction Defect Claims in Malaysia (OUT NOW!)

Your invaluable reference source dealing exclusively with construction defect claims. 

The Malaysian Guide to Advocacy (OUT NOW!)

The definitive guide to Malaysian court advocacy, written by a leading senior practitioner

Legal Aspects of Hire-Purchase in Malaysia, Second Edition

Your invaluable reference source covering the ins and outs of hire-purchase law and practice

Malaysian Tort Law

Providing a comprehensive and analytical coverage of tort law in Malaysia 

Federal Constitution: A Commentary

Provides extensive analytical commentary on the supreme law of Malaysia.

Personal Injury Reports Consolidated Tables 2013-2018

An dispensable reference for efficient and effective personal injury practice.





Company Meetings and Resolutions

Provides a legal and practical understanding of various company meetings which are essential for the proper administration of a corporation.


Law and Practice of Corporate Insolvency in Malaysia

Your invaluable reference source for confident corporate insolvency practice

Public International Law: A Practical Approach, Fourth Edition, Student Edition

A comprehensive source of reference on public international law that contains copious references to relevant treaties, international documents, court decisions and articles published in numerous journals.

Law and Practice of Arbitration in Malaysia, Second Edition

Providing a clear understanding of the fundamentals of arbitration.

Law and Practice of Family Law in Malaysia

Your invaluable reference source for confident family law practice. 
Handbook on Family Law Practice in Malaysia: Commentary, Procedures and Forms

Your all in one resource for family law in Malaysia

Handbook on Family Law Practice in Malaysia: Commentary, Procedures and Forms is a complete hands-on-guide on family law practice in Malaysia. This book discusses the procedural parts of family law practice that apply to non-muslims throughout Malaysia, i.e Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak.

Our Constitution

Provides a clear and comprehensive understanding of the Federal Constitution. 

UNCITRAL Model Law & Arbitration Rules, The Arbitration Act 2005 (Amended 2011 & 2018) and The AIAC Arbitration Rules 2018

The definitive guide to the application of the UNCITRAL Model Law and Arbitration Rules.

The Criminal Procedure Code: A Commentary, With Appellate Practice and Procedure (Second Edition)

Highly practical new edition of the Criminal Procedure Code offers expanded coverage and depth of content.
Construction Adjudication Reports of Malaysia 2018

The essential reference and companion for every construction law practitioner and construction industry player.

Navigating the Companies Act 2016 for SMEs

Navigate the regulatory requirements under the Companies Act 2016 with confidence! 

Insolvency Act 1967 with Overview by Aishah Bidin

This publication presents the full text of the new Insolvency Act 1967, together with an Expert Overview that is written by an expert of Malaysian company, insolvency and bankruptcy law to provide a quick summary of the workings of the new Act. It serves as a first point of reference to facilitate a good understanding of the new statutory regime regulating individuals and firms, and its related practices in Malaysia. 

Law of Evidence in Malaysia, Second Edition

This book provides a clear explanation of evidence law in Malaysia and includes regular citation of case authorities, both local and foreign, to help in the understanding of the application of the provisions of the Evidence Act 1950.

The Company Constitution

Unravel the complexities of the company constitution under the new Companies Act 2016.

Laws Governing Clinical Practice in Malaysia

Discusses the laws governing the medical profession and the application of the law of negligence in the area of medical treatment.
Legal Research Methodology

Describes in detail the types of legal research methodology available, data analysis and the significance of a given study, topic selection and problem identification, and the formulation of research objectives.

Legal Issues in Cloud Computing in Malaysia

Introduces the key legal issues in cloud computing with special focus on data protection, contracts with cloud service providers and intellectual property.

A Practical Guide for Company Directors in Malaysia, Second Edition

Provides a clear understanding of the duties, rights and responsibilities of company directors.

All Malaysia Tax Cases (AMTC) 1937 - 2017 (Full Set-11 Volumes)

AMTC is a must for those in the tax and accounting field, legal practice as well as academics and students pursuing their education in accounting and tax, as it will help with research and enable the proper application and understanding of the legal issues that arise.  

All Malaysia Tax Cases (AMTC) 2015 - 2016

AMTC is a must for those in the tax and accounting field, legal practice as well as academics and students pursuing their education in accounting and tax, as it will help with research and enable the proper application and understanding of the legal issues that arise. 

All Malaysia Tax Cases (AMTC) 2014

AMTC is a must for those in the tax and accounting field, legal practice as well as academics and students pursuing their education in accounting and tax, as it will help with research and enable the proper application and understanding of the legal issues that arise.  

Remedies for Default in Islamic Banking: Home and Car Financing

An in-depth, focused and up-to-date discussion on the practical application of the remedies available to banks and financial institutions following breach or default by customers of Islamic home and car financing facilities.

Sports Law in Malaysia: Governance and Legal Issues

This book covers a comprehensive array of sports-legal topics such as sports justice and governance, civil and criminal liability, dispute resolution, anti-doping, intellectual property, image rights, sexual harassment and sports marketing legal issues; court cases and arbitral awards; and discussion on recent controversies in the national and international arena.

The Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976: Commentary and Cases, Second Edition

This book makes available cases and materials on the Act to assist in its study and application. It provides insightful commentary on the provisions of the Act. Reference is made to related legislation which impact on the functioning of family law as it applies to non-Muslims in Malaysia. 

Administration of Estates in Malaysia: Law and Procedure, Second Edition

Administration of Estates in Malaysia: Law and Procedure, Second Edition is designed to provide a clear account of the theoretical and procedural framework relating to estates administration for both Muslims and non-Muslims in Malaysia. It focuses on the jurisdiction, scope and procedure for estates administration by the High Court, the Estate Distribution Section and the Public Trust Corporation (Amanah Raya Berhad). 

Law for Business, Second Edition

Law for Business highlights the important principles, cases and legislative provisions governing this area of law to provide students and business professionals with a strong foundation in legal theory as well as the practical and applied aspects of the laws affecting trade and business activities in Malaysia. 

Construction Adjudication in Malaysia, 2nd Edition

A comprehensive analysis of the legal principles governing the application of the Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012, providing in-depth analysis and practical guidance on all stages of the adjudication process in Malaysia.

The Life and Law of Fintech (DUO-HB)

The author discusses at length on the legal and operational aspects of banking and finance and moves on to capital markets and issues relating to money laundering. Mergers and acquisitions and corporate law are tackled by providing instances of FinTech acquisitions coupled with a lesson on takeovers and due diligence. He then moves on to the technical aspects of digital banking covering several jurisdictions. With his background in Islamic finance, he deals with takaful insurance, Islamic FinTech and E-waqf. 

The Trial Lawyer's Companion, 2nd Edition

“[This book] comprehensively covers in detail and authoritatively deals, in a thoughtfully arranged way, with everything a trial lawyer and judge needs to know and be reminded or watchful of, to successfully conduct and shepherd a trial to its proper conclusion without pitfalls.” 

From the Foreword by Lambert Rasa-Ratnam 
Head, Dispute Resolution
Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill
Malaysian Civil Procedure 2018 (Mainwork + Supplement)

 “ indispensable reference for both judges and lawyers...should always be welcomed as the essential resource for the practice of civil procedure in the courts of Malaysia.”

  Tun Arifin Zakaria, Former Chief Justice
The Annotated Malaysian Companies Act 2016

The Annotated Malaysian Companies Act 2016 provides invaluable section-by-section annotations to the Companies Act 2016, throwing light on the application and interpretation of the provisions of the Act. It is written by a select team of experienced practitioners and academicians with extensive knowledge of company and corporate law in Malaysia. 

Management Corporations in Malaysia, 2nd Edition

Management corporations have statutory duties and powers under Malaysia strata laws. Owners, on their part, must be engaged to ensure that their investment, lifestyle and financial well-being are protected and enhanced when living in strata developments. This book gives owners the tools to do that. It expresses in as plain a language as possible the meaning of the key provisions of the Strata Management Act 2013 as well as the Regulations and By-Laws made under it.

Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2017 with Overview by Mohammad Rizal Salim

This publication presents the full text of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2017 as issued by the Securities Commission Malaysia, together with an Expert Overview to facilitate an early mastery of the new Code. 
Public International Law Simplified

Globalisation is a key agenda in the world today and dealings between and among states, international organisations, non-governmental organisations and transnational corporations multiply by the day. The conduct of the various subjects of the international society in their mutual intercourse is regulated by public international law.

The Employment Act 1955: An Annotation

A simple guide for employers and employees.

The Employment Act 1955 is the foremost labour legislation, often referred to by both employers and employees to verify their rights and obligations where labour issues are concerned. Whilst much has been written on our labour laws in general, S Chandrarajan The Employment Act 1955: An Annotations, is a rarity. Written in a simple and straightforward style, readers will benefit from the thoughts distilled from the author''''''''''''''''s vast experience in administering the Act whilst in the civil service.

Essential Company Law in Malaysia: Navigating the Companies Act 2016

Provides a quick mastery of the new Malaysian company law regime.

Presenting the law in a clear and concise style, this book facilitates a quick understanding of the new Malaysian company law system. Regular reference is made to the provisions of the Companies Act 2016 to enable the reader to appreciate the statutory scheme regulating corporations in Malaysia. 
Justice Above All - Selected Judgments of Tun Arifin bin Zakaria with Commentaries, Revised Edition

Justice Above All contains a selection of the judgments of Malaysia’s thirteenth Chief Justice, Tun Arifin bin Zakaria, carefully chosen from the many judgments delivered by the distinguished jurist over a wide range of subjects. 

Malaysian Insurance Law

Essential guide to property, life and marine insurance for insurance professionals

Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Malaysian Precedents of Pleadings

Essential guide to the drafting of pleadings and related court documents.

Recognising that the practice of pleadings lies at the heart of civil procedural law, this home-grown publication presents a comprehensive compendium of precedents and related documents. It offers authoritative and structured precedents for the drafting of pleadings and other court documents. Each topic is preceded with a commentary which gives a succinct account of the applicable principles of law and, where relevant, specifi c guidelines on pleading.

The clear understanding of the applicable law afforded by the commentaries greatly enhances the drafting exercise based on the multitude of precedents available in the publication.

The Law of Costs in Civil Proceedings, 2nd Edition

The determination of costs is an important matter for both the lawyer and the client. The Law of Costs in Civil Proceedings is the only book in Malaysia to comprehensively consider this subject in detail. Regular references to relevant statutory provisions and copious citations of cases from various jurisdictions, including Malaysia, England, Singapore and Australia. The wealth of information available will undoubtedly make this book one not to be missed. 
General Principles of Contract Law, 2nd Edition

This book serves as a general text covering all aspects of Contract Law, from formation, performance and breach to remedies. Presented in a style that is simple and easily understood, it is particularly useful for a quick grasp of the important principles of Malaysian Contract Law, including the reception of English Law. Detailed treatment is also given to the remedies of specific performance and injunctions. 

Housing Development Law

This book serves as a standard text for conveyancing lawyers and others involved in the housing industry. It analyses the laws concerning the housing industry, focusing on significant issues affecting the business of housing development such as the standard form sale and purchase agreement, housing loans, delivery of vacant possession, defect liability period, sale of housing accommodations to foreign purchasers, the meaning of “housing development”, the licensing of housing development business and the opening and proper operation of housing development accounts.

Arbitration in Malaysia: A Practical Guide

Arbitration in Malaysia: A Practical Guide is a comprehensive practitioners’ guide written by the who’s who of the Malaysian arbitration scene. The law governing arbitration is now one of the fastest growing areas of law in this country. With its flexible and efficient mechanism for resolving disputes between parties from different legal and cultural backgrounds, arbitration has become the preferred mode of dispute resolution.