Morgan and Burden on IT Contracts, 9th Edition


Morgan and Burden on IT Contracts

Dec 2013
Hardback, CD-ROM
(approx. USD475.38)

The 9th edition of Morgan & Burden on Computer Contracts:

• Goes through computer contracts and their provisions, and provides a set of precedents to help draft agreements
• Provides an overview of contracts and the structure of the computer industry and services provided
• Examines hardware and software acquisition, detailing all the key elements and options
• Deals with distribution and marketing agreements, and how these can impact the end user
• Discusses maintenance contracts for hardware and software and the relevant components
• Investigates the role of services including bureaux, consultancy and  outsourcing services
• Contains coverage of public sector contracts
• Addresses the growth of web services in the IT market place
• Takes into account the increasing relevance and regulation of procurement policies
• Coverage of statutory, SI and case law
• Contains precedents as a major feature of the work, both in print and on an accompanying CD
• Contains details of drafting procedure
• Summarises the practical steps to take for drafting IT agreements and managing IT services
• Will now conjoin the topics of Hardware acquisition and Maintenance
• There is also a re-examination in the structure of the relationship of Software acquisition and maintenance as these areas are increasingly becoming indivisible
• The key area of Non web based services is examined in detail looking at the impact of consultancy, outsourcing etc in the IT contractual context
• The increasing relevance of Web based services, e.g. Cloud based services will be given a central place in the new structure of the work
• There will be a fresh examination of Procurement and its relevance in the light of changing regulations